Direct Deposit

Direct deposit, also known as preauthorized credit, is a convenient, fast and secure way to access your money. It saves you time from having to visit the branch or ATM to deposit your cheque. With Direct Deposit, your money is immediately available to you — no matter what you are doing or where you are. Teachers Plus Credit Union can help you setup Direct Deposit for Government and employer payments so you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Convenient. Faster access to your money. Your payments will never be delayed by postal delays or other delivery issues.
  • Free, Easy and Fast. Direct Deposit is easy to set up and free to use. Your payment is deposited directly into your bank account.
  • Reliable. Your payment will always be on time, and your money and earned interest will be available right away.
  • Secure. Direct Deposit is reliable and safe. There is virtually no risk of your payment being lost, stolen or damaged.

Required Account Information for Direct Deposit

The direct deposit form needs your financial institution and account numbers:
Route/Transit/Branch # - 82883
Institution# - 839
Please click here to access and download a fillable direct deposit/pre-authorized payment form.