Benefits To You As A Teacher

  YOUR Chequing Unlimited  *some conditions may apply

FREE for your first 5 years as a new teacher

Masters Plus Program

Continuing your education?  We offer low interest financing with easy repayment term to help you obtain a higher license.

Strike Policy

In the event of a teachers strike, active teachers will be offered the option to defer the payments on applicable TPCU loan/loc/mortgage for the duration of the strike.

Buy-Back Pension Loans

If you’re looking to purchase years of service in the Teachers’ Pension Plan, we can provide loans at 1.25% below our advertised rates.

Payroll Deduction

With payroll deduction, you can have your mortgage, loan, RSP or savings payments come directly off your paycheque.  You can also have your entire paycheque directly deposited into your TPCU account.

No Mortgage Penalties for Retired Teachers

If you are retired and prepay or payoff your mortgage from your own resources TPCU will waive your mortgage penalty!

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